Thursday, January 20, 2011

be honest and stop lying when somebody askes u tell me more about ur self

I'm an individualist, secularist, artist, loved by few and hated by many because I'm being myself. .
I respect art, philosophy and body modification.

---> If you’re just added as a friend, PLEASE READ – DO NOT BE SO FUCKING IGNORANT!

I’m sick of all those who misuse the “About Me” part and say the most ridiculous things...Tell you what, get off the internet, get to know yourself better, save us some time, then go show some “you” in your profile. After all, that’s the whole point of having an online profile. Dipshits.

I’m going to be a bit more honest in this section here. I have strong views on various topics in life. I care a lot…Maybe too much. I used to be a perfectionist. But I’m learning to love my flaws.

I was born in the dark side…Never had a bright, ordinary moment in my life. There is always something twisted going on in my head. Yes, I am ill. But I am learning to love it. I find being ill is far better than being an ordinary nuisance who does the oh-so-ordinary chores of life.
Just be traditional and follow the herd. As for me, I am the lone wolf that gets to feed on all the mindless sheep.

I now believe that whatever a person wants, he can get, using appropriate ways. I used to be an idealist who used to live in a fantasy world. Now, I’m turning that fantasy world into reality. And it’s working. So forget it if you're thinking of telling me "you're dreaming", because I can do anything as long as I out my mind into it.

I know what I want. Your negative opinion will not affect or hurt me, so don’t bother.

I prefer it if everyone becomes honest with me and stop the backstabbing and all that kiddy bullcrap. For those pretending to be my friends - You don’t have the guts to come say it to my face? Well, go ahead and be a little pussy and say it behind my back. There, you’ve earned your crown of cowardness. Congratulations.

---> A Bit More Personal…

I’m strong about my views and I have absolutely no shame in stating them. I care very little of public opinion when it comes to being myself. I get a lot of negative comments, but it doesn’t bother me. If I’m bothered with myself, then that matters. Whatever my opinion is what matters the most.

---> Some of my really strong views on life:

I am a SECULARIST - I don’t believe in living life according to a book of rules…Especially when most of them tend to be too far-fetched and dogmatic. Yet I am spiritual (but not religious) and have a strong connection with my God.

I am a FEMINIST - I encourage female rights to be as equal as men. What men want to do, women should do the same, in mostly everything.

I'm a NONCONFORMIST - I'm bold. I do what I want, without asking other people's opinions. I don't believe in following the crowd.

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